Private beach house on Curacao: Prime location

Curacao is ideally located. It lies north of the coast of Venezuela in between the islands of Aruba and Bonaire. The positioning of Curacao is outside the hurricane zone. Making Curacao an attractive vacation island in al seasons. Boca Gentil Resort is situated on the waterfront between Caracas Bay and the white sandy beaches of Jan Thiel bay (see arrow).

This vacation beachhouse is strategically located within Boca Gentil Resort. The beach house is close to the entrance of the resort hence most of the activities are on walkable distance.

Beaches in the vicinity of the private Villa Sea Paradise Curacao are: Jan Sofat, Brakkeput Mei Mei, Caracas bay and Spanish Water. There are many water sports activities going on throughout the year in these locations.

Curacao beach house Boca Gentil - Jan Thiel beach

The vacation beach house Villa Sea Paradise Curacao is within walking distance of Zanzibar, Papagayo Beach Club and Jan Thiel beach. The buildings at St Anna bay in the capital of Willemstad are visible from the beach house, the swimming pool and the sea tarrace. Indicating that the beach house is not far away, only 15 minutes drive from Willemstad.
The sea at the resort is ideally for snorkling and scuba diving.
Boca Gentil Resort has a private beach of 15 meter long. This beach is less than 60 meters distance from the beach house, Villa Sea Paradise Curacao. All guests of Boca Gentil Resort have free entrence to Jan Thiel beach, Papagayo Beach Club and Zanzibar.
Jan Thiel beach and Boca Gentil Resort are very suitable locations to spent your vacation, to live and/or to do business. There is a gym, Casino and several restaurants and shops on these premises.

Beach house Curacao - Boca Gentil - Security

The vacation beach house has two safe-deposits and an alarm system. Boca Gentil Resort is a gated community with a continuous admittance control and has a 24 hours guarded security within the Reosrt. On Curacao is Boca Gentil Resort one of the most safest resorts. Guests and residents of the resort receive at arrival an access pass. With this pass you can open the entrance gate is to enter. Also, one should have in this pass on him to have free access to Papagyo Beach Club. In case of loss € 30 will be charged per pass.
This will enhance the security for our guests.

Curacao vacation beach house -Jan Thiel Beach- Distances

  • Jan Thiel Beach: 30 minutes to Hato airport Curacao by car
  • Willemstad, the capital of Curacao: is 15 minutes drive away
  • Van den Tweel Supermarket : At the entrance of Boca Gentil Resort.
    Opens from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
  • Vreugdenhil supermarket: 10 minutes drive by car
  • Livingstone Resort: 2 minutes walk
  • Curacao Sea Aquarium: 15 minutes by car
  • Dolfijn academy: 15 minutes by car
  • Daily busses to Willemstad (Bus stop at Livingstone Resort).

The beach at the beach house on Curacao

The beach in the resort is a smal cozy beach about 100 meters form the beach house. It's a sandy beach combined with pebbles amids rocks at the sides. Wearing water shoes is advisable. There are two beaches adjacent to the resort: The Papagayo beach and the Jan Thiel beach. On these beaches all kinds of dance and sport activities are organized weekly for young and old. These beaches have their own restaurants, bringing your own food and beverages will not be apreciated. If you love to take long walks, the area has a hinking route to Caracas bay. Caracas bay beach is like 3 km away walking distance from the beach villa. Caracas bay beach has also some local restaurants where local traditional food is served.

In the beach villa there is a ring folder containing all important information about Curacao and about activities around the beach villa.

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Map of Curacai with location of Boca Gentil

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