Sea deck and Palapa

One unique feature of this vacation rental is the Sea Deck and Palapa. It is a dock hovering above the sea.  It is the place where you can stand and see the whole 180 degrees Ocean panorama without any obstacles in your way.  When the sea is calm one can swim right off this dock and snorkel.

Sea Deck, Palapa & Shower

For many guests the sea deck is their favourite place, relaxing under the Palapa enjoying the see breeze and hearing the sound of the waves. In the hammock under the Palapa one can fall asleep and slip away in a pleasant dream. There is a corner on the shore where the sea water splashes and creates this unique attribute of Villa Sea Paradise Curacao. After a swim in the sea the outdoor shower comes handy to rinse your body. At night the lights give a romantic touch to the whole.

Sea Ladder

This ladder grants access to one of the best spots on Curacao for snorkelling and scuba diving. The water is crystal clear with all kinds of fishes. You can go on a adventure snorkelling along the coast to Jan Thiel Beach and back again. From this Dock from time too time a school of dolphins can be spotted.


10 x 8m

Height above sea

3 m









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